With the e-cigarette bill passing in both Houses after rejecting all 60 amendments proposed by Opposition, only the President’s consent is required which is also a given.

The efforts to save vaping must now move to Supreme Court. The courts have so far taken the side of e-cigarettes, with three top high courts – Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata – giving reliefs against bans. It is likely the apex court too will take a favourable view.

An SC challenge however requires significant funds – upwards of ₹50 lakh. Along with independent vendors, substantial contributions from vapers are also needed to make a court case possible. We request everyone to chip in generously for this cause.

Funds collected through vapers will be published on our FB page, and accounts of expenses will be mailed to contributors. For queries (and international donors), please mail to or call/message our board member Jagannath Sarangapani.
Time to sit back has passed, now is the time to act, and act decisively.